Scouts Dissect Why Jarrett Didn’t Work

A good read over at the National Football Post on why Jaiquawn Jarrett didn’t pan out the way the Eagles had hoped.

“He is a strong safety athlete who is not particularly good in space,” one scout said. “He is tough enough to hit and play run support, but there are a lot of ways for offenses to isolate a guy like him with the way schemes are going. He doesn’t have enough quick twitch to stay with receivers.”

The Eagles convinced themselves they could live with Jarrett because they loved his toughness. They saw him as a new Brian Dawkins. And they probably thought they had enough athleticism at other positions to compensate for his deficiencies in coverage. But it’s hard to hide those deficiencies anymore, and it became apparent during preseason.

“He is a 4.65 guy,” another talent evaluator said. “Good luck with that.”

Jarrett has worked out for the Jets and Chiefs since being released, according to reports, but has not signed anywhere yet. He was cut on September 11 to make room for receiver Mardy Gilyard.

Much more over at NFP.