Kurt Coleman Details Collision With Trent Richardson

Kurt Coleman wore a gash above his lip and a cut across the bridge of his nose as he addressed the media following the game on Sunday. Anyone who watched knows exactly what play those battle marks came from.

Early in the second quarter, Trent Richardson came barreling up the gut and made a B-line towards Coleman. With the safety knocked off balance, the rookie running back lowered his helmet and delivered a lick that sent Coleman flying backwards as his helmet popped straight up in the air.

“They ran a simple draw or whatever and the wide receiver [Josh Gordon] came down and cracked me. And when he cracked me my chinstrap popped off,” said Coleman. “And my helmet kind of fell on my face so I couldn’t see anything clearly. I knew he was coming so I just tried to make a play.”

Coleman got right up after the collision and stayed in the game.

“They ask you, what day it is, what down is it. My head was fine,” said Coleman. “Got a little bloody. It’s a man’s game and I love it. I love it and I thank God for being able to play this game.”

“Kurt’s a warrior,” said Jason Babin. “It will take a lot more than a couple loose tooth and some stitches to keep Kurt out of the game.”

Here’s a .gif courtesy of The Big Lead.

And the video is below.