Confirmed: Edwards Wins Role As No. 3 QB

Birds 24/7 has confirmed that  Trent Edwards has edged out Mike Kafka for the Eagles’ No. 3 quarterback job.

The news was first reported by Jeff McLane.

(Update: Kafka has since been released.)

Edwards got to run the show for the majority of the preseason finale against the Jets and again capitalized, going 22-of-32 for 197 yards with two touchdowns.

“I am happy for Trent,” said Andy Reid afterwards. “Whether it’s here or somewhere else, I’m happy for Trent.”

In four preseason games, Edwards racked up 489 passing yards with four touchdown passes and zero turnovers. He was sacked just once. It is a far cry from the beginning of his stint in Philadelphia, where he struggled at times to hit his targets even when there was no defense opposing him in practice. He played the final three quarters against the Jets Thursday and engineered four touchdown drives. It was his final showcase, and it may have helped.

“I want to be here. This is the team I want to play for,” said Edwards. “I’ve been in this guy’s shoes, I’ve been in that guy’s shoes before [signaling to the stalls on either side of him]. I feel like I can help these guys out. I feel a lot more reinvigorated with the place I’m at with football and playing this position.”

Kafka, who entered training camp as the backup to Vick,  played only nine snaps because of a fractured left hand this preseason. According to a source, the Northwestern product was informed Friday morning that this was a possibility, and was disappointed he didn’t get a chance to compete during the preseason.

“It’s tough for any player that doesn’t get to play and compete, and those are the things that I love to do and enjoy doing,” said Kafka following Thursday’s game. “When you can’t really do that, it’s disappointing.”

Edwards’ relationship with Foles may have factored into the decision-making.  The two signal-callers share a similar backstory. Both were highly-acclaimed high school quarterbacks that played behind leaky offensive lines on the collegiate level and went through their share of trials and team disappointment as a result. Edwards, like Foles, was a third-round selection, taken by the Bills in 2007 out of Stanford. He quickly made his way up the depth chart and ended up making nine starts as a rookie because of injury.

The two got to know each other through a mutual friend prior to their time with the Eagles.

“I’ve been in his shoes, I’ve been there before. I know what he’s going through,” said Edwards. “We’ve spent pretty much 24 hours a day together. We’re roommates at the hotel, we’re roommates on the road. I’m just trying to be a positive presence to him and just trying to tell him some things that I went through that might benefit him come game time, and hopefully I’m rubbing off on him a little bit.”

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