Eagles Wake-Up Call

It was only a matter of time until Asante Samuel fired back.

There has been a report dangling out there since July 20 saying that Andy Reid believes the jettisoned Samuel is a player in “steep decline.”

You didn’t think Samuel, who has passionately fought against every slight that has ever come his way, would let one as juicy as this slide, did you?

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Samuel did not take the bait at first, replying with a “No comment” when reminded of the quote. But when it was noted that the Falcons travel to Philadelphia in late October, Samuel said: “We’ll figure out who’s in steep decline then.”


Privately Samuel hoped he would finish his career in Philadelphia, but publicly he lashed out as trade rumors began swirling around last season. The relationship frayed, Samuel suggested the front office was playing fantasy football, and eventually he was dealt to Atlanta for a seventh-round pick.

Training camp this year has felt different without his exuberant personality and constant trash-talking. It will return on October 28 dressed in red and black. Looking forward to that one.


The Eagles are getting bit by the injury bug along the defensive line. The entire starting front-four is now banged up after Cullen Jenkins left practice Wednesday with a hamstring injury. He was scheduled for an MRI Wednesday night.

Sheil highlights the rookie running backs in his practice observations. Mr. Kapadia also gave a rookie report, and I have an update on Casey Matthews and the rest of the linebacking corps.


ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano is in Bethlehem and gives his take on the physical Eagles training camp.

“Yeah, if you need your football fix in early August, I’d say come on out to Lehigh and watch the Eagles pound on each other for a couple of hours. It was certainly the most lively and entertaining practice I’ve yet seen on my trip.”

Are they going at it too hard? Graziano weighs in.

Asante isn’t the only one talking trash. How about Jerry Jones offering this nugget to fans at the start of the Cowboys’ training camp:

“Y’all should come to that (Cowboys) stadium and watch us beat the Giants’ ass.”

You can just feel football getting closer, can’t you? 


A walkthrough at 8:15 Thursday followed by a 2:45 rock ‘em, sock ‘em practice. Quarterbacks and tight ends are scheduled to sign autographs.

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