Quick Notes From Reid Presser

Andy Reid addressed all the buzz around the tight end position.

“We’re keeping all our options open,” said Reid. “It has nothing to do with Clay [Harbor] or [Brent] Celek coming off [the injury], there were a couple tight ends out there that we liked and thought we’d take a look at, and that’s where that went.” Asked if they have anybody else coming in, Reid responded, “No, we don’t.”

— Reid said that there were no injuries to report after three days of rookie activity up at Lehigh.That is a great start, though things will get a little more treacherous on the field once the hitting begins on Saturday.

Michael Vick got the morning session off, as is custom for the starter on this day.

— Reid revealed that newly-signed punter Mat McBriar is at 90 percent health. He had a cyst on a nerve below his left knee that created “drop-foot,” or nerve damage. He wears a brace on that leg. The vet still impressed enough to earn a shot to knock off Chas Henry.

— Rookie corner Cliff Harris has been the darling of camp so far, showing a degree of ability that put him ahead of most of the first-year players he worked alongside this week. “He did some good things,” said Reid. “Yesterday he learned a couple lessons down int he red zone. We ran the same route against him today and he broke it up, so that’s a good sign when they can learn from their mistakes.”