DeSean Agitated By Giants Super Bowl Run

DeSean Jackson used his first media session of the 2012 season to voice his displeasure over the Giants being crowned Super Bowl champs.

“To see the Giants win the Super Bowl last year, just to know how we played against them, honestly, it kind of bothers me a lot,” said Jackson. “We’re just ready man, that’s all I’m going to say. We’re going to go out there, put in the work and we’re excited about a big 2012 year.”

The Eagles and Giants split the season series in 2011, with New York squeaking into postseason play at 9-7.

Jackson opted not to reflect on the tumultuous times, but said he is instead focused on putting together a successful campaign. He bulked up to a whopping 174 pounds, and believes he added a little speed to go with the extra strength as well.

Asked the last time his head was this clear, the fifth-year receiver paused, let out a laugh and responded: “It’s clear right now, that’s all I can really say. It’s been a great offseason, I’ve worked very hard to get me where I’m at now.”


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