Best of Philly

2018 Place for Makeup

Whole Foods

Sure, it’s not quite as luxurious a shopping experience when you’re tossing your BB cream into a cart alongside butter and bananas, but consider this: While the FDA has pretty strict standards for the food we eat, it’s way more lax about the stuff we put on our skin. (Go figure.) This means the beauty market is flooded with products containing phthalates and formaldehyde – both no-no’s for their potential links to cancer. Whole Foods, however, has banned more than 100 such ingredients from its shelves, and it prioritizes plant-based and naturally sourced ingredients, so its serums, masks, cleansers and cosmetics are practically pure enough to eat. So yeah, the brands WF carries may not be designer, but I’ll take a clean ingredient list – and, fine, the free food samples – over a luxe lipstick any day. – Caroline Cunningham