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Best Thrill

2016 Best Thrill

iFLY Indoor Skydiving

It's exhilarating and, fine, slightly terrifying — you're literally floating, spinning and diving through a high-pressure wind tunnel while onlookers gawk at you through the clear walls — but thanks to an instructor who gives you one-on-one assistance while you fly, you never quite feel like you're going to die, or even lose your lunch. Read More »

290 Goddard Boulevard, King of Prussia, PA | 610-595-4359 | Website

2016 Best Place to Drive Ridiculously Fast

309 between Sellersville and Quakertown

There are no cutouts along this strip of highway, so those pesky cops have nowhere to hide. (Please wear a seatbelt.) Read More »

2011 Best Thrill

Independence Helicopters

You haven't seen Boathouse Row, the stadiums or the Ben Franklin Bridge until you've seen them from 1,000 feet in the sky. But our favorite part is that you can provide your own soundtrack if you bring an iPod. Cue the Wagner! From $129 per person for 20 minutes. Read More »

9800 Ashton Road (near Academy and Grant), Philadelphia, PA | 215-909-4354 | Website