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Best Sushi Restaurant

2023 Best Suburban Sushi


Finding great sushi in a strip mall in Blue Bell is like finding a good plate of spaghetti and clams in Indianapolis — unlikely. But then there’s SU20, a sushi bar and Japanese bakery behind an acre of parking lots. It’s all smooth jazz on the radio and matcha mille crepe cakes until the fish starts coming to your table, and suddenly you’re kicked awake by some of the most stunning sashimi and hand rolls in the suburbs — or in the city, for that matter. Read More »

736 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA Website

2019 Best Budget Omakase

Sakana Omakase Sushi

At his 12-seat counter, Sam Lin offers only two dinner options: a 60-minute, 12-course $58 option, and a 90-minute, 21-course extravaganza for $108 per person. Both are well below the market price for high-end, chef-driven sushi. Read More »

616 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-922-2149 | Website

2017 Best Splurge Sushi

Royal Sushi and Izakaya

With anime playing on the walls and pop-top sake, the front room is fun. But the back, just through the curtains, is the best thing to happen to sushi in this city for a while, and where chef Jesse Ito puts together amazing omakase voyages for those willing to pay the $110 price. Read More »

780 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-909-9002 | Website

2017 Best Takeout Sushi

Jason’s Toridasu

The owners of Jason’s say they’re like a grocery-store sushi counter except that they use fresh fish. That about sums up this quirky, tiny spot that’s so fast and polished, you’d think it was a chain. While it’s mostly takeout, we’ve seen some Main Line moms commandeer the few tables for girls’ nights out—prosecco in hand, of course. Read More »

40 Rittenhouse Place, Ardmore, PA | 484-417-6350 | Website

2012 Best Sushi (Suburbs)


A fine-dining BYO sushi bar and traditional Japanese restaurant (with some Korean dishes thrown in) isn't exactly unheard-of in Philadelphia. But in the 'burbs? You'd have better luck finding a unicorn. And a unicorn wouldn't be nearly as delicious. Read More »

50 West 3rd Avenue, Collegeville, PA | 610-489-7022 | Website

2012 Best Sushi (City)

Fat Salmon

Dozens of innovative maki will lure you in, but what will keep you coming back to this sleek modern venue are the hand rolls-simple, delicious, and so fresh that every single piece seems to melt in your mouth like a luscious dessert. Read More »

719 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-928-8881 | Website

2012 Best Sushi Restaurant


Sushi and sashimi started out as fast food-quick snacks to be gotten outside the walls of ancient Edo by businessmen on the run. Yoshi returns sushi to its rightful place by offering a shop inside Suburban Station where hungry commuters can pick up a fast tray of fresh, inexpensive maki to go. Oh, and did we mention that all the sushi is made by robots? Read More »

1617 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA | 215-575-0199 | Website

2011 Best Sushi Restaurant


Love agedashi tofu and crisp, cold salmon but hate soggy paper boxes and fish with all the taste of damp Styrofoam? We have your fix and from a place that won't Morimoto your wallet. From delicious, well-kept uni and toro to a simple spicy tuna roll, Aki delivers both literally and in taste. Read More »

1210 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-985-1838 | Website

2011 Best Sushi in the 'Burbs


A huge, well-appointed space and an almost completely hidden location in Collegeville are two of the things you need to know about this place. The third? That when in the 'burbs (whether by choice or by misadventure), there's nowhere better to go to scratch that sashimi (or teriyaki or udon or tempura) itch than Bonjung. Read More »

50 West 3rd Avenue, Collegeville, PA | 610-489-7022 | Website

2010 Best Sushi

Ooka Montgomeryville

Ooka has first-rate sushi at all three of its area locations, but it's chef Shuji Hiyakawa who sharpened his knives with Morimoto before landing at sleek Ooka Montgomeryville who is elevating simple raw fish to something complex here. Read More »

764 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, PA | 215-361-1119 | Website