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2023 Best Karaoke Nights

DJ Lisa Parks

Delco DJ Lisa Parks has been hosting karaoke for 32 years and can be found at venues all over the region, from Great American Pub in Narberth to 39 North in Glenolden to the Media VFW to My Brother’s Irish Pub in Bridesburg. Click here for her karaoke tips. Read More »


2022 Best Karaoke With a Twist

The Painted Mug

Most people like to throw a few back before getting behind the microphone and belting out “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Sweet Caroline,” but it’s quite the opposite at this new queer-owned community performance space, which hosts a monthly sober karaoke night at which mocktails are on the menu and the show is still tons of fun. Read More »

1527 Jackson Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2019 Best Karaoke Night

Mickey’s Tavern

This Delco watering hole attracts all types at its every-other-Friday events, so you might hear Guns N’ Roses followed by Whitney Houston followed by Miley Cyrus and — since we are in Delco — a little Sinatra. Read More »

129 South State Road, Upper Darby, PA | 610-352-9760

2018 Best Karaoke

Live Band Karaoke

Because karaoke is infinitely better when performed with a real band, there’s Philly music vet Pat Finnerty’s Live Band Karaoke night. Finnerty’s outfit plays backup–to you!–at several area bars, but the production value (awesome lights and a killer sound system) is best at Johnny Brenda’s. Rock on. Read More »

2017 Best Bro-Free Karaoke

Sing Your Life Karaoke at W/N W/N Coffee Bar

Sara Sherr has been ruling the local karaoke scene for a while now, but her newest series—in this unexpected coffee shop/bar/co-working space mashup—is the freshest one yet. The themed Thursday nights include Queer, Feminist, Big Gay Country and, our personal favorite, Protest. Read More »

931 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2015 Best Karaoke

Friday Nights at Donna’s Bar

The old-world clientele, well lubricated by Zywiec beer and vodka, knows how to bring it better than any tarty 20-something. The song list is varied -- John Lennon, Miranda Lambert, Kings of Leon -- and the regulars are welcoming, but be forewarned: Owner Sophie Zalewski loves to run the recorder and put the "best" performances up on YouTube. Read More »

2732 East Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-426-7618

2013 Best Karaoke

Dr. Thunder

At some point in the evening at Dr. Thunder's karaoke events, the following three things will probably happen: Dr. Thunder will strip down to a cape and shiny shorti-shorts with DR. THUNDER emblazoned across the butt in bright green letters; someone will sing Journey; and you will put on some ridiculous outfit and wig from his huge crate of costumes. Just know that those photos Dr. Thunder is taking of you while you're singing (read: making a fool of yourself) will wind up on Facebook the next morning. Mercifully, he rarely takes video. Find his busy schedule at Read More »

Call or see website for consultation | 530-378-4863 | Website

2010 Best Karaoke

DJ Sara Sherr

Escape frat-boy "Freebird" karaoke hell with this friendly, tattooed, pixie-haired gal of 40, who does actually have "Freebird" in her vast songbook, but also lots of B-sides, rare cuts and other music-nerd tracks. Venues include Tabu, P.O.P.E. and 12 Steps Down; connect with Sara Sherr via Read More »


2009 Best Karaoke

Yakitori Boy

True story: A certain Philly Mag writer sported a nasty bruise for a week after diving off a swank couch in one of Yakitori Boys soundproof private rooms while singing the Gorillazs Clint Eastwood. Its that kind of party here. Read More »

211 North 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-923-8088 | Website