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2019 Best Avocado Dish That Isn’t Avocado Toast

The Grilled Avocado at Nunu

After a turn on the yakitori grill, a creamy hemisphere of avocado gets dressed up with smoked trout roe, nori flakes, and a dash of bracing yuzu. Then, in a playful nod, it gets finished with bread crumbs. Read More »

1414 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-278-2804 | Website

2013 Best Japanese Restaurant in the Suburbs


The Last Samurai roll may be the final answer to any question about the validity of Japanese-American sushi fusion. Read More »

50 West 3rd Avenue, Collegeville, PA | 610-489-7022 | Website

2013 Best Japanese Restaurant in the City

Nom Nom Ramen

In a year when Japanese was more noodles than sushi, the fatty pork broth and black-garlic sauce kept us warm all winter. Read More »

20 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-988-0898 | Website

2012 Best Japanese Restaurant


It's pricey, preening, and seldom home to its eponymous chef-and still Philly's most complete Japanese restaurant, from the ramen to the mountain peach crowning the hamachi tartare. Read More »

723 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-413-9070 | Website