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Best Ice Cream

2019 Best Ice-Cream Sandwich

Flow State CoffeeBar Pizzelle

This portable piece of luxury features Melanie Diamond-Manlusoc’s famous vanilla bean gelato sandwiched between two pizzelles that are dipped in ultra-fancy chocolate and dressed with almond crepe crispies, flaky sea salt and gold leaf. Read More »

2413 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 267-702-0280 | Website

2019 Best Ice-Cream Cone

Cafe Clover

This Korean sweets/scoop shop is the only place in the region making taiyaki cones — fish-shaped, waffle-like baked shells that hold scoops of gelato in flavors like Oreo, Thai coconut and green tea. Read More »

1333 West Cheltenham Avenue, #103, Elkins Park, PA | 215-635-3071

2018 Best Ice Cream

Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream

There’s a reason the best ice-cream shops are always located on farms. Peak strawberry season? Mix ’em into ice cream. Blueberries are plump and ripe? Blueberry ice cream it is. Pumpkins ready to be picked? Well, in Bucks County, the entire month of October is basically dedicated to Uncle Dave’s pumpkin ice cream. Read More »

931 Stony Hill Road, Yardley, PA | 215-968-1670 | Website

2017 Best Ice Cream

Tubby Robot

Yes, the ice cream is handmade from local ingredients, and it’s really, really good. But nobody’s judging if you only go for the Wall-O-Vision, in which video games are projected onto an outside alley wall but controlled by a joystick inside. Bring the kids if you need a plausible excuse for another visit. Read More »

4369 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-423-4376 | Website

2017 Best Trendy Ice Cream

Winterfell Dessert

While the rest of the city is rolling ice-cream roses with paint scrapers, Winterfell went with a Game of Thrones-themed Taiwanese shaved ice shop. For the uninitiated: Shaved Thai ice is what happens when ice cream and cotton candy fool around together. Read More »

32 South 40th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-387-4561 | Website

2016 Best Soft-Serve

Pizzeria Vetri

If the fior di latte soft-serve were any smoother, it would slide right out of the cup. Read More »

1615 Chancellor Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-763-3760 | Website

2015 Best DIY Ice-Cream Sandwich

Insomnia Cookies

Freezer empty? Order a pint of ice cream (or a quart, no judgment) and some fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies from Insomnia, and get your (homemade) Chipwich on. Read More »

Multiple locations Website

2015 Best Sundae

Franklin Fountain’s Mt. Vesuvius

Chocolate or vanilla ice cream studded with brownie "boulders," hot fudge, malt powder and whipped cream. Michelle Obama can wait only so long before declaring war on this caloric eruption. Read More »

116 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-627-1899 | Website

2015 Best Soft-Serve

Big Gay Ice Cream

It's all delicious, though the Salty Pimp, with dulce de leche and sea salt, is the one people talk about as they should. Read More »

521 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-886-8024 | Website

2014 Best Ice Cream


It's not often that someone breaks into the well-established world of ice cream; thankfully, West Philly newcomer Weckerly's did. Made with love from a custard base, in flavors like cold-brewed coffee and peaches-and-cream, this is smooth, thick, and extra-special when sandwiched between two cookies. Read More »

4239 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-882-9958 | Website

2012 Best Ice Cream

oWowCow Creamery

Small-batch-crafted, organic, with heavenly flavors, served in two locales way out in the hinterlands of Bucks County. Trust us: Worth the schlep. Read More »

4105 Durham Road, Ottsville, PA | 610-847-7070 | Website

2011 Best Ice Cream

Franklin Fountain

A few of the greatest hits: Honeycomb, white as snow, nearly custard-like, lightly kissed with honey and studded with brittle little flecks of golden honeycomb candy; Girl Scout Cookie, with fistfuls of ground-up Thin Mints; the freshest blueberry ever. Read More »

116 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-627-1899 | Website

2010 Best Ice Cream

The Franklin Fountain

The 19th--century atmosphere (right down to the cash register, which was actually made in 1914) and the young, spiffy counter help in bow ties add panache, but it's those achingly delicious handmade flavors from chocolate and vanilla bean to Hydrox cookie and Teaberry gum that make this purveyor of sundry sundaes so much more than an ode to the corner malt shop. Read More »

116 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-627-1899 | Website

2009 Best Ice Cream

La Michoacana Ice Cream

Good, traditional homemade ice cream abounds in these parts. But what about earthy mushroom ice cream? Green and creamy avocado? Rice pudding? And, best of all, how about a sunny sweet-corn ice cream, sprinkled with hot chili powder? Yes, there are excellent versions of all the standard flavors, too. But trust us on this sweet-corn-plus-chili thing; it's addictive. Read More »

231 East State Street, Kennett Square, PA | 610-444-2996