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2014 Best Place to Shoot

Wicen’s Shooting Range

Regulars simply call this place "The Farm," but Wicen's offers the most advanced instruction around and a variety of shooting experiences, including a muzzle-loading range, a 25-yard handgun range, a 100-yard rifle range, and an archery range, if you're feeling medieval. All in an idyllic Bucks County setting that is, ironically, quite peaceful. Read More »

3179 Mozart Road, Furlong, PA | 215-598-3534 | Website

2012 Best Fun With Guns

Sunset Hill Shooting Range

Ever want to fire a .44 Magnum (Dirty Harry's gun), an AK-47 or an Uzi? They've got them all, along with expert firearms instructors to keep you from shooting your eye out. Just over two hours from Center City, and well worth the ride. Read More »

2282 Route 314, Henryville, PA | 570-629-3981 | Website