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Best Bowling Alley

2022 Best Bowling, Old School

Devon Lanes

Though the arcade games and bowling tech have been upgraded since this suburban gem opened in 1959, the place still retains the charm of another era. That may be due in part to the pricing: On some nights, you can play as many games as you want for just $10, including shoe rental. Plus it’s BYO, making this one of the cheapest nights out on the Main Line. Read More »

300 West Lancaster Avenue, Devon, PA Website

2022 Best Bowling, New School

Brooklyn Bowl

Because why wouldn’t we want our bowling with a side of live music — not to mention fried chicken and boozy milkshakes? This month, look for the Adult Swim Festival Block Party with RJD2 and Hop Along, but keep your eyes open for weekend matinees for the whole family with the Rock and Roll Playhouse, which specializes in kids’ shows featuring music you’ll enjoy as well, like Bob Marley and David Bowie. Read More »

1009 Canal Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2016 Best Bowling Alley

South Bowl

At shiny South Bowl, in addition to lots of space and lots of lanes, there's also ample parking, something its NoLibs sister desperately lacks. Read More »

19 East Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 215-389-2695 | Website

2012 Best Bowling Alley

PEP Bowl

Where else in this city can you knock pins like it's 1959, drink BYO beer, nosh on the FrancoLuigis you got delivered to your lane, and aid your fellow man (the alley provides employment Service and Help and assistance to developmentally disabled Philadelphians) while you're at it? Read More »

1200 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-952-2695 | Website

2009 Best Bowling Alley

North Bowl

This clean, retro-hip NoLibs alley is kid-friendly in the daytime, date-friendly in the nighttime, and party-friendly pretty much all the time, and offers surprisingly decent drinks and noshies to boot. Oh yeah, and tons of lanes. Read More »

909 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-238-2695 | Website