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Best Airport Food

2019 Best Way to Wait Out an Evening Delay

Terminal B

Masterminded by Rick Blatstein’s OTG, this $40 million terminal revamp added eight glitzy eateries to the heart of PHL. You’ll also find more than 1,000 iPads where you can play games, catch up on the news, and order a meal from any of said glitzy eateries and have it delivered right to you. Read More »

2019 Best Way to Wait Out a Morning Delay

Avo Toast at La Colombe

The fact that you can drink Corsica instead of settling for too-bitter Starbucks is already a big win. Add La Colombe’s more-than-generous avocado toast to your order, and you might not care if your flight ever takes off. Terminals A, B and E and B/C Connector. Read More »


2019 Best Place to Ball Out on a Business Trip

Independence Prime

Go ahead and put that $45 filet mignon on the company card. For once, the airport upcharge might actually be worth it. Read More »

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