25 Talented Private Yoga Instructors in the Philadelphia Area

These yoga teachers offer private sessions so you can practice solo or in a small group.

Ashley Tryba teaches private yoga classes in the greater Philadelphia area. (Note: Photo was taken before COVID-19, and appropriate social distancing or masking measures should be taken in all current private sessions.) | Photo by Chris Kendig

Whether you’re anxious about returning to group yoga classes, need a yoga instructor that can work with your schedule and location, or want to get specific attention and feedback — like on how to properly get into camel pose, or loosen up that ever-present tightness in your hip — private yoga lessons may be for you. Unlike typical yoga classes, private lessons are specific to individual needs, so it’s best to chat directly with the studio or instructor you’re interested in to determine if it’s a fit. (And, keep in mind that most instructors are rapidly evolving their offerings to meet changing norms around COVID-19.) Below, our breakdown of some talented private yoga teachers in the Philly area, and what they specialize in. Happy solo stretching!

Ashley Tryba

If you’re struggling with stress or anxiety, Ashley Tryba might be the private instructor for you, as she teaches trauma-informed yoga. (She also specializes in kids’ yoga classes!) Tryba is based in Philly and typically charges $75 and up per session — all in-person sessions are socially distanced and mask-required.

Mariel Freeman

Freeman is the skilled Philly entrepreneur behind both Three Queens Yoga and Shot Tower Coffee. She just reopened her private lessons, and you can DM her on Instagram for openings, information, and pricing.

Adriana Adelé

Philly yoga instructor Adriana Adelé inspires her yoga clientele to align intentions with actions. In addition to her restorative movement and breath group classes, she offers private lessons to meet a variety of needs. Contact her for availability and pricing.

Jake Panasevich

Panasevich writes about mobility and yoga for a variety of publications, and offers private yoga sessions on his website, where he has been a consistent advocate pushing for men in the U.S. to practice more yoga. Contact him for scheduling and availability.

Lindsay Shae

Lindsay Shae emphasizes her yoga classes as an LGBTQ-friendly safe space. This Philly-based instructor offers a sliding scale for private sessions, as well as package deals, (read more about her pricing on her website) and sessions are “safe for all bodies, all genders, and all backgrounds.”

Anisha Chirmule

Chirmule teaches both group and private yoga classes at local studios, and offers meditation and yoga teaching techniques to meet your needs. Contact her for pricing and availability.

Cohbe Berkeley

Co-founder of Vibes and Vinyasa, Cohbe Berkeley utilizes social media to post yoga challenges, including deep forward folds and headstands, so you can play with your practice. She currently offers pay-what-you-can private sessions here.

Stacia Nero

Nero, who teaches SUP yoga at Aqua Vida as well as Amrita Yoga, offers private lessons on her website, which she explains as a way to “customize a practice that eases your mind, energizes your body and nourishes your spirit.” Reach out for pricing and scheduling information.

Ali Redding

Redding specializes in kids’ and teens yoga, with a variety of offerings relevant to these needs, and also teaches yoga for adults from beginner to advanced. Contact her directly on her website to inquire about her pricing and availability.

Fatima Adamu

Occupational therapist and yoga teacher Adamu can cater to both a beginner yogi and an expert, and offers personal training, adaptive yoga, and yoga for older adults. Adamu charges between $65 and $125 per hour, depending on your location, which she will travel to.

Chelsea Fleming

Fleming, founder of Caya Retreats, offers private yoga instruction in locations around the Jersey Shore as well as Philadelphia. “Flow with me at a place that works best for you, whether it’s your living room, a shore house, or the great outdoors,” her website reads. Contact her for scheduling and availability.

Ann Grace MacMullan

MacMullan works to make yoga accessible to everyone through her organization Team Sun Wellness — whether you’re looking to ease your osteoporosis, manage stress or find an instructor who caters to specific needs. This Philly-area instructor typically charges $100 per session.

Cicelee Chappelle 

Chapelle teaches group and private classes through of her company, Bleu Sol Yoga, as well as at Main Line Yoga Shala and The Yoga Garden. Contact her via her website for pricing and logistical information.

Isabelle Martinez

Martinez is a local private yoga instructor and personal trainer focused on mobility and functional strength. Contact her for a quote for a private or small group yoga session tailored to your specific needs.

Lori Nathanson

Based in Doylestown, Nathanson specializes in online sessions. Her company is called EQyoga, and you can contact her for a quote and availability.

Anna Quinn

Quinn focuses on strength and breath work, trauma-informed yoga, and yoga for scoliosis in her private sessions, at a typical price of $80 per session. She is based in Swarthmore — location of the lessons and prices vary.

Carina Wulff

This instructor is based in the Philly area, and teaches at various studios in the region. She focuses her classes on practices for increasing flexibility, dealing with stress, and more. Contact Wulff for a price quote.

Michele Rath

Though Rath is based in the Powerhouse Yoga studio in Medford, she also offers private lessons and focuses on Reiki, scoliosis and back care, and customizable lessons. Contact her for a quote.

Emily Shupe

If you’re a beginner or want to work on your form, Emily Shupe is all about honing in on the importance of the basics. Contact her directly for pricing and availability, and find more information on her Instagram.

And here are a few studios that provide private yoga instruction — if you’re curious if your yoga studio (or favorite instructor) offers private instruction, reach out! Many offer it on an individual basis. 

Teranga Yoga

Teranga Yoga, a popular Philly yoga studio co-founded by yogi Joanna Da Sylva, offers private one-on-one yoga lessons in which they will design a tailored yoga class to fit your specific needs. Contact them for pricing and availability.

Philly Power Yoga

Philly Power Yoga offers private one-on-one sessions. Their pricing is a single session for $80, three sessions for $199, or five sessions for $375, for classes focusing on self-care, strength and flexibility.

Maha Yoga

This studio offers private yoga lessons in which you can pick your instructor. Focusing on easing chronic pain and injuries, Maha Yoga offers many different packages and prices. Contact them for details.

Amrita Yoga & Wellness

Private yoga and pilates classes are on offer for $85 per hour for one person, $100 for two to three people, and up at this Fishtown studio. Get in touch with the studio to book these sessions and make arrangements.

Water and Rock Studio

Based in Chestnut Hill, Water and Rock Studio offers private yoga lessons to help you develop skills in the area of yoga you are seeking improvement in. Contact them for availability and information.

Casa Bandha Yoga

This Manayunk studio offers pay-per-minute private yoga lessons, which means you have some control over how long you want your session to be and how much you can afford to pay. Contact them for the latest details on availability and pricing.

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