This New Philly-Area Float Spa Is Here to Make All Your Stress Go Away

Because what's more relaxing than a weightless hour in a float spa?

float spa

At King of Prussia’s new float spa, you can choose between 60 and 90 minutes in the Epsom-salt-water-filled tank. Photograph by @doyoushoot courtesy Stillpoint Yoga Float.

Float spas are not a new concept in Philly — we’ve already got a few of the Epsom-salt-and-water-filled sensory deprivation tanks in the region. But a float facility in King of Prussia is here to provide a new twist: floatation therapy, massages, and yoga classes under one roof, for the ultimate de-stressing destination.

Stillpoint Yoga Float opened at King of Prussia’s Moore Park on October 18, bringing their new offering of floatation sessions and yoga classes to the neighborhood. The spa includes four floatation therapy rooms and two yoga studios. Their yoga offerings range from heated vinyasa to a vinyasa and meditation class to a restorative flow, priced at $18 for a drop-in class.

float spa philadelphia

Heated yoga classes are also available at the new float spa. Photograph by @doyoushoot courtesy Stillpoint Yoga Float.

On Saturday, November 3, clients will be able to begin booking float sessions. If the idea of being enclosed in a pod while floating freaks you out, we’ve got good news: The floatation pools at Stillpoint are basically like giant showers, with a glass door entrance (the floatation rooms are still totally private though — don’t worry!). At Stillpoint, you’ve got your choice of a 60 or 90-minute float, which are $75 and $85 each, though the studio is currently offering pricing deals for new clients here.

float spa

An entrance to one of the four float spa rooms. Photograph by @doyoushoot courtesy Stillpoint Yoga Float.

But wait, there’s more! To complete the line up of uber-relaxing services, Stillpoint also offers massage and bodywork by a licensed massage therapist. Services range from a 30-minute deep-tissue massage ($70) to a 90-minute relaxation massage ($140) to a 60-minute migraine massage ($100) — and the complete list of services can be found here.

Ready to book your visit? Head to the Stillpoint website to select a service, then visit them at 600 Clark Avenue in King of Prussia.

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