Book the Healing Arts Center’s Group Acupuncture for Your Next Girls’ Night Out

Skip the bar and go for group acupuncture instead.

group acupuncture

Here’s a peak at what your group acupuncture session will look like. Photograph courtesy Healing Arts Center.

A girls’ night out doesn’t have to mean a night of drinking at the bar. In fact, the rise of the let’s-stay-in trend has us craving some more chill, wellness-minded activities to do with our girlfriends. Things like the Wax + Wine BYOB candle making classes definitely fit the bill, as do the brand-new “Acupuncture with Friends” group acupuncture sessions at The Healing Art Center.

group acupuncture

Skip the bar for group acupuncture instead. Photograph courtesy Healing Arts Center.

Acupuncture with Friends is pretty much exactly what you’d imagine: you and up to seven friends set up shop in The Healing Arts Center for two hours while enjoying group acupuncture, yoga, healthy snacks, and, of course, goodie bags. Currently, The Healing Arts Center is catering to three types of acupuncture parties, the first geared toward corporate events, the second a girls’ night out vibe, and the third a relaxing detox session. Of course, you can also customize your own experience.

group acupuncture

Group acupuncture at The Healing Arts Center comes with yoga and healthy treats. Photograph courtesy The Healing Arts Center.

In addition to your treatment and yoga session, snacks and champagne can be provided based on the needs of your group. For example, a vegan platter from P.S. and Co. is totallyyyy doable. Oh, and you know those goodie bags we mentioned? They’ll always contain coupons for Athleta and voucher for $20 off your first private acupuncture session at The Healing Arts Center, along with other items like herbal teas and healthy treats.

group acupuncture

Unwind with your friends during a group acupuncture session. Photograph courtesy The Healing Arts Center.

Pricing for these group acupuncture parties starts at $400, depending on the number of people, and will be led by Steve Mavros, co-founder of The Healing Arts Center and fertility acupuncturist extraordinaire. It’s also worth noting that all Acupuncture with Friends parties will take place at the Community Acupuncture Center in Rittenhouse and are only available for booking on weekends after 3 p.m. and on weekdays after 6:30 p.m.

Who else thinks the next bachelorette party you attend might include a group acupuncture session? (*raises hand*)

Healing Arts Community Acupuncture is located at 2012 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse.

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