This Main Line Dental Office Is Wooing Patients With Netflix and Wine

Rittenhouse Dentists' new Bryn Mawr dental office is — dare we say it — cool?

Photograph courtesy Rittenhouse Dentists.

There are a lot of things we’d rather do than go to the dentist. Get a massage after a really bad sunburn. Juice a bag of lemons with a paper cut. Walk barefoot through a room full of Legos.

Let someone scrape at our teeth with a pointy metal thing? Not so much.

But a Main Line dental office might just change our minds. Rittenhouse Dentists — which has been practicing in Philadelphia since 2011 — expanded to a new location in Bryn Mawr last month, and their new office is, well, kinda cool. 

Photograph courtesy Rittenhouse Dentists.

While they’ve been serving up free coffee and had Netflix-streaming virtual reality goggles at their Rittenhouse and Bala Cynwyd locations for a while now, the Bryn Mawr location is adding a wine menu to their list of amenities. Why? Because no one wants to go to the dentist, and dentists are fully aware of it.

“We know that everyone dreads going to the dentist so we try our best to create a positive experience so you actually enjoy your time here and look forward to coming back,” says Rittenhouse Dentists lead dentist Dr. Shimma Abdulla. “The goggles are a great way to help patients relax and relieve anxiety during their appointments. You can sit back, relax, and watch your favorite Netflix show or movie during you visit.”

Photograph courtesy Rittenhouse Dentists.

These office upgrades seem to be part of a larger trend to make going to the dentist cool again — or, well, cool for the first time. Some places do it via chic design — huge windows, built-in bookshelves — while others opt for over-the-top themes or tech enhancements like massage chairs and televisions embedded in the ceiling. Regardless, the purpose appears obvious: changing the image of dental offices from a place people loathe to a place people want to go.

Now, would you like red or white with that cavity fill?

Rittenhouse Dentists is now open at 711 W Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr.

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