Fairmount Park’s New Zipline Course Opens in May

Jazz up your Fairmount Park adventures, zipline-style.

Photograph by iStock/RossHelen

Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park sprawls over 2,000 acres — and as such is packed with a ton of cool places and activities to explore. Starting in May, the park will be home to a new amenity: a zipline and tree-tops ropes course.

On May 12, Treetop Quest Philly is opening its doors (er, ropes) for adventurous types to glide through West Fairmount Park on a continuous belay system. Not interested in zooming through at top speeds? The ropes course is equipped with balance beams, tight ropes, swings, and more — perfect for a taste of adrenaline while soaking up some seriously beautiful views of Fairmount Park.

For the majority of spring and summer, the course will be open from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., but you can check the full schedule — outlining May through November — here. Drop-ins are welcome during operating hours and range from $19 to $51, depending on age. Pro tip: Save about two bucks on average if you sign up online ahead of time.

In addition to casual hang sessions (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) Treetop Quest also welcomes birthday parties, field trips, and team bonding events to the course. And, if you’re really into zipping through the trees of Fairmount Park, you can even score a season pass.

You can find the new course at 51 Chamounix Drive. We can’t wait to zoom through Fairmount Park — who’s with us?

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