8 Products a Philly Chiropractor Swears by for Staying Well

Including turmeric and a tongue scraper.

Photograph by Josh Thornton.

The growth of the wellness industry means there are just so many ways to make a living these days. Take Hava Rose, a mobile chiropractor (yeah, she’ll see you in the comfort of your own home, #winning), who’s also the co-founder of Namaste Nourish, a local plant-based catering company.

To help us learn (and embody) her wellness boss ways, we asked Rose to share the products that she can’t live without. Below she shared nine products that help her be happy and healthy — some you’ve probably never heard of. Read on for her picks and where you can score your very own versions.

Deep Blue Rub

“Whether treating myself from over-doing a workout or treating a patient for some back or neck pain, I love to use the essential oil-infused lotion doTerra makes. It is a perfect cream to massage into problem areas that brings cooling and warming sensations. Think icy/hot but with the fragrance of the spa.” $39 from doTerra.

Coconut Wraps

“Part of experiencing food is using all senses, including touch. With that being said, many meals I eat are without silverware, and my favorite way to avoid completely messy hands is to wrap up my foods with my favorite minimally processed coconut wraps. They are so light and easy to work with, and can you believe only three ingredients!” $7.99 (for a five-pack) from NUCO.

Vitamin B12 Spray

“A piece of my daily morning routine is heading down to the kitchen, letting the dog out, drinking a glass of water, and then taking a dose of Vitamin B12. I only take very few supplements, but this is one of my musts being that it is not present naturally in a plant-based diet. Vitamins in liquid are highly absorbable by the body versus pill form. Vitamin B12 supports energy levels, memory and metabolism.” $14.39 from Garden of Life.

Tongue Scraper

“First thing I do every morning, regardless of where I am, is scrape my tongue. In ancient Ayurvedic practice, they scrape the tongue daily to remove the body and mind of built up toxins. It also helps improve taste ability therefore resulting in eating less sugars, salts, and enhancing the flavors of foods as they are. Eastern medicine deems the tongue to be a mirror to all the organs of the body, so you better take care of it!” $6.95 on Amazon.

Mobility Ball

“I do my best to start each day with some body love. After a year of recovery, I value the practices of functional body movement and body mobility. Doing some work with the crew at Zakti I do my best to keep up with my homework and roll my body — especially my legs — out in the morning with my mobility ball.” $22 from Yamuna USA.

GoMacro Minis

“I love sending my housecall patients off with a sweet and healthy treat, which is why I keep a bowl full of GoMacro Mini Bars for them to help themselves too. They are vegan and gluten-free, making it an easy snack to appease anyone’s eating preference. Shhhhh, sometimes I sneak some of the bars into my computer bag for long coffee shop days.” $30.95 (for a 24-pack) from Gomacro.


“I love to incorporate turmeric daily whether it be drinking my homemade weekly batch of turmeric tonic, preparing my new favorite creamy turmeric oats or doing recipe development for Namaste Nourish. Besides dying my nail beds yellow, turmeric is only full of greatness including flavor, anti-inflammatory properties, immune-boosting qualities, and gut-healing abilities.” $5.99 from Frontier Co-Op.


“I love versatility in food ingredients and one I use frequently both personally and for Namaste Nourish projects is Tahini. I just love to add it to smoothies, oatmeal, dressings, sauces or even as a simple addition to a basic snack such as an apple. Soom makes it even easier for bag snacks with their latest squeeze packs.” $21.48 (for a 12-pack) from Soom Foods.

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