Some Philadelphians Actually Went Running in This Crazy Snowstorm

Or, excuse us, "bomb cyclone."

Photograph of January 2018 snowstorm by Caroline Cunningham.

Here at Be Well Philly, we are all about getting out and being active. But as dedicated as we may be to health and fitness, we have to say, even we were a little reluctant to roll out of bed and get to the gym this morning.

But for some Philadelphians, even a major snow storm with a horrifying name (are they trying to scare us by calling it a “bomb cyclone”?) isn’t going to stop them from getting in a run. Despite the frosty beards and windburned cheeks, these Philadelphians are inspiring us to keep at it this winter. Check out their photos and videos below.

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Because there’s nothing like a nice view to keep you motivated to keep moving.

The hat + face mask is a must in this weather.

We’d like to think that running through snow counts for double the miles.

Frozen beards, frozen eyelashes, but no quitters here.

Because when you’re on a running streak, not even a snowstorm can stop you.

Photograph by Mark Kelly.

Local runner Mark Kelly took to the trails during the snowstorm. “Just my footprints from running on the Wissahickon,” he says.
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