This Sweet Dog Has Been Adopted and Returned to the Shelter TWICE. Now He’s Looking For a Forever Home.

Tufts is just looking for somebody to love.

Photo courtesy of the Monster Milers

Everybody, I’d like to introduce you to Tufts. We love Tufts. Just look at him. You should love him too.

He’s a four year-old VERY handsome flat-coated retriever mix with a great personality and tons of energy. Since he has a lot of energy to burn, he would be a great fit for a runner or running family. The Monster Milers even think he would do great in winter weather, making him a solid companion for a year-round runner.

Despite his stellar personality and sweet disposition, Tufts has had a heck of a time finding a forever home through no fault of his own — we wrote about him before, he was adopted, and then he was returned! One for a resident pet emergency and the other for having an energy mis-match with a family’s resident pet. Needless to say, Tufts is ready to settle down with a forever family of his own this Christmas.

Name: Tufts

Age: Approximately four years

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever

Size: Large Dog

How to adopt: Please email for an application. If you have questions, send an email to this address or contact the Street Tails Animal Rescue adoption staff at 267-761-9434. Open hours and location for Street Tails can be found on their website at

Background: Tufts originally resided at Street Tails Animal Rescue in early September but was quickly adopted out due to his good lucks, charm, and stellar personality. Unfortunately, his play style and play drive did not match that of the adopters resident pet who was more laid back. Although the family tried to make it work for about a month, ultimately they needed to make the choice that was best for both dogs, knowing that they where ill fitted. Thus, Tufts was returned to Street Tails. A second adopter quickly fell in love and brought Tufts home. After just a short while in that home, their resident pet had an unrelated health emergency, and the owner concluded that they needed to focus on their family dog and Tufts was returned once again.

Running style: Tufts is a high-energy dog so he is going to be willing and able to run with you. A LOT. He is picking up on the rules of the road (or sidewalk or trail!), and has the ability to blossom into an excellent running partner. That is not to say he is already ready for a marathon, but he is down to get out and go. He is affectionate and eager to please so should be relatively easy to train. We also think that he will make a good running partner even in the cooler weather we are experiencing now, so if you are a year round trainer who wants company out there come to meet him! Maintaining a regular exercise routine is going to be very important in managing Tufts energy level, so he would thrive in a home with a runner.


We work with The Monster Milers to profile local running dogs waiting to be adopted. The Monster Milers are a group of runners who help shelter dogs burn off  energy and get much-needed exercise by taking them on runs around the city, and they also just launched their first-of-it’s-kind Adopt a Running Buddy foster program. If you’re not in the market for a pup right now, but would still love to help out homeless dogs, you can always become a Monster Miler volunteer or foster parent. Find out more about how to get started with those processes here.


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