These Locally Made Candles Will Turn Your Home Into a Hygge Paradise

For everyone who needs help surviving cold-weather season.

Each year, the minute the temperature drops below 60 degrees, I begin planning my move to Southern California. There, I will wear sunglasses year-round and Instagram iced matcha lattes in February and never wonder if I should ask for a new pair of Uggs for Christmas ever again. (I am ashamed that this question even crosses my mind, but let’s be honest: Uggs are extremely warm and comfortable. Sue me.)

The problem: This move never happens. So at the wise old age of 27, after seven Philadelphia winters, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should probably start adapting to winter rather than spending my time fantasizing an exit strategy. First step? Hygge-fying my home.

Hygge is a Danish catch-all word for the feeling of being cozy AF, basically. It’s attributed to both ambiance and company, and it’s credited with helping Scandinavian folk get through what should be unbearable winters with smiles on their faces. Candles play a big part in the whole hygge concept, so in an effort to hygge-fy my home, I’ll be stocking up on a whole bunch of ‘em. (Next step: blankets and friends who will travel to Fishtown.) I suggest anyone prone to hibernation do the same. You can start with the tried-and-true locally made options below.

These Philly-made soy wax candles are split into two categories: Black Label (think: darker scents) and White Label (brighter, duh). And they legitimately all smell heavenly. I’ve been sparingly burning the Coconut + Vetiver in my living room for the past few weeks, and the mere thought of the wax reaching the bottom of the amber-hued jar gives me cold sweats. Candle withdrawal is real, people.  

This Philly-based company offers a wide range of candle styles, fitting for many a mantlepiece. Their coffee-scented takes from their Field Jar collection are a fan favorite around the Philly Mag offices, though. Bonus points: they have lust-worthy matches (yes, matches can, it turns out, be lust-worthy) to pair with whichever scent you choose.

Duross & Langel
I can’t walk past 13th and Chestnut Streets without being lured in by the swirl of scents bursting from the Duross & Langel storefront. This local maker of bath products has the scent game on lock, and the wide range of soy wax candles they sell are no different. Scents range from Green Tea to Get Happy to Grapefruit.

Um, does anything scream “COZY!” more than a candle that gives off “Cabin Getaway” scent? We think not. ‘Nuff said.

A bonus option:

These cute and wonderfully scented soy candles used to be made in Philly, but the company eventually moved to Ohio. BUT they are still sold at Philly’s Jinxed stores (for a VERY affordable 10 bucks a piece) and I just picked up a pumpkin version that is giving me all the cozy fall feels.

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