The Checkup: A Trader Joe’s Insider Spills the Shopping Secrets You Need to Know

Plus more trending articles to peruse during your morning routine.

• Thanks to Reddit, Trader Joe’s employees have an outlet to answer the public’s pressing questions about the cult-favorite grocery store. Here, all the secrets you need to know — from the best time to shop to the return policy (anything goes, really) — for the best shopping experience. [Bustle]

• Someone made diet avocados. But do we actually need ’em? Short answer: no. [Health]

• If you prefer your sweat session at the end of the day, we found some great post-workout recipes to cook up that won’t have you feeling full or heavy before bed. [POPSUGAR]

Hormetins (AKA adaptogens) are getting plenty of media attention these days for helping us adapt to mental and physical stress. And they might be the key to naturally slowing the aging process, too. [Psychology Today]

• Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, so it’s time we start paying as much attention to it as we do our insides. As the colder seasons draw near, here’s how to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and happy. [New York Times]

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