The Checkup: This Inflammation-Fighting Superstar Is the New Turmeric

And more healthy reads for your Thursday.

• Turmeric has gotten its fair share of attention for fighting inflammation, which is related to everything from acne to cancer, but it seems we’ve ignored another superstar that actually outshines turmeric in the inflammation-fighting arena: moringa. Bonus: It has double the protein and is packed with B vitamins, too. [Well + Good]

HIIT workouts are short and convenient, which can make them a constant in someone’s workout regimen. But how often should you really be doing HIIT? [Greatist]

• The corporate wellness program at this Philly-based company is … intense to say the least. There are food plans — complete with meals — involved. [Bloomberg]

Puppies are making people sick. Say it with us: Nooooo. The CDC has linked a human bacterial outbreak to pups sold at Petland. [Washington Post]

• Kate Hudson called c-sections lazy then promptly got dragged by the internet (naturally). [Refinery29]

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