Sweet! Target Announces Lower Prices on Groceries

Looks like they're following in the footsteps of Whole Foods.

Hat tip to the folks at Refinery29 for alerting us to the very welcome news that, like Whole Foods, Target has announced lower prices on all sorts of items, including those in the grocery aisle. Meaning: You’ll have more money to spend on all the crap you don’t need, but always makes its way into your cart anyway. (Pastel Sharpies! Mason jars! Living room poofs!)

As the company said on Friday, “We’ve lowered prices on thousands of items, from cereal and paper towels to baby formula, razors, bath tissue and more.” Unlike Whole Foods, which announced markdowns on popular items once Amazon took the reigns, Target hasn’t called out which items in particular got the price-cut treatment (fingers crossed GT’s Gingerade Kombucha made the list though). So you’ll just have to explore for yourself, it seems. 

You can’t have it all, though, so the lower prices mean that Target will be saying goodbye to promotions like their “Weekly Wow!” and “Bonus Offer” call-outs. As Target executive vice president and chief merchandising officer Mark Tritton said in the announcement, the goal is to offer shoppers more consistent savings. “We’ve spent months looking at our entire assortment, with a focus on offering the right price every day and simplifying our marketing to make great, low prices easy to spot, all while maintaining sales we know are meaningful to our guests.” We will take it.

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