The Checkup: The Happy Hour Mistake That Could Be Poisoning You

And more health-related news to have on your radar today.

• Attention, all Moscow mule lovers: The Instagram-worthy copper mug holding your favorite delicious happy hour cocktail may be poisoning you. As public health officials recently pointed out, copper really shouldn’t come into contact with acidic food or drinks, like, ahem, the lime juice and ginger beer of a Moscow mule. Because when it does, copper can leach into what you’re consuming, which can lead to copper poisoning — and the abdominal pain, vomiting and jaundice that comes along with it. But don’t worry, you can keep throwing back your happy hour mules worry-free as long as you make sure the copper mugs are lined with another metal. [The Washington Post]

• We all know that yoga studios are fairly hot and sweaty environments, but we never really talk about how that’s pretty much an equation begging for bacteria, viruses and germs — allllll of which end up on your yoga mat and can result in acne, skin infections and toe fungus. Meaning: You should be cleaning your yoga mat WAY more often than you think. Like after every single use. [MindBodyGreen]

• Time to kick up the heat for every meal, my friends! A recent study found that folks who consumed capsaicinoids capsules (those are capsules filled with the component that makes peppers hot) burned a whopping 116 more calories a day than their spice-less counterparts. [Men’s Health]

• Two to five million — that’s the number of sweat glands on your body. Oy, it’s a wonder we don’t sweat even more! [Runner’s World]

• Because rest days are a requirement, not a suggestion: Here are five signs that your body is telling you not to workout. [Greatist]

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