The Checkup: Why You Should Keep Ginger in Your Kitchen at All Times 

And more healthy reads to start your day!

• You’re going to want to stock up on some ginger the next time you’re at the market. Why’s that you ask? Well, a new review published in the Annals of New York Academy of Sciences examined  60 studies and found that ginger, known for its anti-inflammatory effects, seems to work against obesity, diabetes and related disorders. The review also notes that studies have shown ginger can increase calorie burn. Need we say more? [TIME]

• Before you start your weekend festivities — and the drinking that tends to accompany Memorial Day —  read this. [Futurity]

• Smoking isn’t the only thing that funks up the air quality in your home — lesser-known culprits like candles and cooking can do damage too, new research shows. [Health]

• You’re right: Instagram is making you miserable. Science says. [CNN]

• Wondering why you sweat so darn much? Well, it might just be a sign that you’re super fit. We will take it! [Huffington Post]

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