The Checkup: This Disgusting News Will Stop You From Ever Swallowing Pool Water Again 

And more healthy reads to have on your radar this morning.

Swimming pool with stair

• We all know swimming pools are filled with pee, but pool-induced diarrhea probably isn’t something you thought you had to worry about when hitting your local watering hole. While still rare, U.S. health officials warn that outbreaks of diarrhea caused by swallowing pool water have doubled over the past few years. Guess I’ll be keeping my head above water this year. [Washington Post]

Rosé pineapples you never knew you needed now exist. Yes, that would be pink pineapples (no alcohol included). [Well + Good]

• To eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast? That is the constantly debated question. Now, a new study sheds light on what happens in your body when you skip your morning eats. [TIME]

• Here, the case for taking cold showers. (Apparently, it’s not as miserable as it sounds. We’ll let you be the judge.) [Men’s Health]

• Why, this writer asks, are we so darn dishonest when it comes to dieting? [The Cut]

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