The Checkup: 21 Charts to Help You Finally (Finally!) See Your Abs 

And more healthy reads to start your weekend.

• If you never seem to see any change in your abs — no matter how much you plank or how many salads you subject yourself to — consider this lengthy list of charts, all aimed at helping you see abs results, your cheat sheet to glory. [BuzzFeed]

• Not all foods are your friend when it comes to stress. Here, what to eat when you feel like pulling out your hair, and what to avoid. [MindBodyGreen]

• An unexpected, dentist-approved tooth whitener? Turmeric. [Well + Good]

• The egg aisle has gotten a bit tricker to navigate in the past few years. Here, what all those new words on cartons — think: pasture raised, cage free, free range, fertile and so on — actually mean. [The Atlantic]

• Bookmark this for the next time you have trouble snoozing: Experts chime in on what you should do when counting sheep isn’t helping. [Science of Us]

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