Watch: Videos of Runners Helping Fellow Runners Across Race Finish Lines

You're going to want to have tissues within arm's reach.

A few weeks ago, a video of three half-marathoners swooping in to help a struggling fellow runner across the finish line at the Philly’s Love Run Half Marathon made people ‘round the globe cry. After clicking on our post covering the viral video, one of my co-workers Slacked me saying she was sobbing at her desk. I didn’t judge, because I’d been doing the same thing just an hour earlier.

In a world where Facebook newsfeeds often seem like broken faucets, solely existing to spew information that chips away at your faith in humanity (just me?), there’s something so nice — so nice it’s tear-worthy! — about seeing strangers helping each other out.

And clearly, I’m not the only one thirsting for video evidence of human empathy and kindness in the world. Since that video went nuts across the web, there have been a number of similar videos — videos where runners sacrifice their race times to help a fellow runner who looks like they’ll probably (er, definitely) collapse onto the cement before they reach the finish line if someone doesn’t rush in help ‘em out — popping up around the internet from recent races.

So, because we figured a Monday is always made better with a minute (or 10) of happy crying, we’ve rounded up a few of our tear-inducing favorites, including the Philly Love Run Half Marathon video, a couple of videos from the Boston Marathon, which went down April 19th, and a video from this weekend’s London Marathon.

Watch ‘em and feel your faith in humanity rise a few points. (And let’s hope these videos keep on comin’ through spring race season, eh?)


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