The Checkup: The Tricky Ways Yogurt Can Sabotage Your Healthy-Eating Plans

And more healthy reads to start your week off right.

• 7.7 billion dollars. That, my friends, is how much Americans spend on yogurt every year. I’ll give you a moment to wrap your brain around this. Okay, here, a clinical nutritionist breaks down the benefits of a slew of yogurt types in the growing aisle — from coconut to Greek to low-fat — and what to look out for (sneaky added sugars, for one, run rampant) before you throw it in your cart to avoid screwing with your healthy-eating plans. [Outside]

• You know how you can never seem to tell if you smell a bit, um, funky? Well, coffee, it seems, is just the aid you need. [Science of Us]

• You’ve probably heard rumblings about the scandal currently plaguing the “Keurig of juicers,” the scandal being that you don’t actually need to juicer to get the juice it makes. Here’s why everyone is talking about it. [The Atlantic]

CVS is making their store-brand beauty products a whole lot healthier. Insert ALL the clapping-hands emoji here. [Well + Good]

• Much like a good roommate, a good, reliable water bottle is hard to find. Here to help you find one: 10 water bottles with rave reviews on Amazon. Now, if only potential roommates had readily available internet reviews. [The Strategist]

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