There’s Going to Be a Huge Citywide Post-Broad Street Running Party This Year

It's partttttttty time.

Runners, listen up! This year, the Broad Street fun won’t be done once you hit the Navy Yard — Philadelphia Runner, the ODDyssey Half Marathon and Run215 just announced that they’ll be putting on the first annual post-Broad Street Citywide Shakeout run on the Thursday following the race (that would be May 11th). And it sounds like it’s going to be a freakin’ blast.

Here’s the deal: The Citywide Shakeout will bring runners from all across the city together for a beer-fueled post-Broad Street celebration at Brewerytown’s Flying Fish Crafthouse. And of course, you’ll be running to the brewery. (That’s where the whole shakeout-run thing comes in, duh.) Once you land at the brewery, you’ll drink some beer (natch) — and $1 from each beer sold that night will go to local nonprofit Students Run Philly Style, so drink up — hang with running buddies (and make some new friends), and celebrate the end of the Broad Street season. But don’t get it twisted: This is a citywide run — meaning ALL Philly runners are welcome — so completing Broad Street is not a prerequisite.

Right now, over 15 running groups have arranged to meet for group runs to Flying Fish, with meeting points all across the city — but if you don’t regularly run with a running group, don’t fret: Run215 will also be leading a group run to the brewery from City Hall. You can see the full list of group runs, which start between 6 and 7 p.m., and meeting points here.

OH! And, this has yet to be confirmed, but the organizers tell us they are working on getting the block Flying Fish sits on shut down for a full-blown block party the evening of the event (say whaaaaat?!), so keep your fingers crossed.

You can find more info an RSVP here.

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