These New Emoji Tell You What Your Poop Means

Because who doesn’t love a good poop emoji?

Who knew emoji could be so useful? As Refinery29 reports, the company Synergy Pharmaceuticals has taken the poop emoji to a whole new level, releasing a full keyboard of the stuff, with the name — wait for it — Poop Troop. And unlike the OG poop emoji, these guys are a bit more, um, realistic.

Each emoji on the 14-emoji keyboard is designed to represent a number of poop, as classified by the Bristol Stool Chart. The Bristol Stool Chart, which you can check out here, helps you to decipher what your number twos actually mean. I.e. Backed up? Not backed up neeeearly enough? And so on. Hilariously, the emoji all have names to go with their look. Think: Runny Ron and Plugged-Up Paulie.

Our point: This keyboard is about to make your already-full-of-TMI texts with your runner BFFs just a bit more accurate. (Because you KNOW you text your running buddies plenty of poop emoji.) You can download the emoji keyboard for free here.

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