Nearly 1 Million Pounds of Chicken Products Recalled

Check your freezers!

One thing I never want to find in my food? Pieces of metal. Unfortunately for five unlucky eaters, though, that’s exactly what they found when chowing down on chicken recently. Per a press release, Oklahoma-based OK Foods, Inc. has recalled over 933,000 pounds of breaded chicken products after receiving five consumer complaints in March saying that metal objects were found in the company’s ready-to-eat chicken products. The products were distributed to retail locations and institutions nationwide.

After an internal investigation, it was discovered that the metal people were chewing on were pieces of metal conveyer belting. Ick. The recall covers ready-to-eat breaded chicken products produced between December 19th, 2016 and March 7th, 2017, sold under a number of brand names. You can see the full list of recalled items here.

There have been “no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products,” according to the press release. But nonetheless, if you find you have some of the chicken in your freezer, the company urges you to throw it away or return it to wherever you purchased it.

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