The Checkup: Why Your Mouth Feels Itchy After Eating Certain Foods

And more health-related reads for your morning.

• Recently, a coworker told me she couldn’t eat avocado anything because it makes her mouth itch in a really unpleasant way. No guacamole. No avocado toast. No tuna and avocado salad. Nothing. I nearly shed a tear for her, but was happy to inform her of a possible reason why when I stumbled across this post on Refinery29: Turns out, she’s might be dealing with pesky oral allergy syndrome, which develops a little later in life (in your teens or 20s) and is essentially just your immune system being confused. The end result: An itchy mouth caused by formerly harmless-to-you fruits and veggies like apples, carrots, and, yes, avocados. [Refinery29]

• Want to be more productive and happier at work? Get busy between the sheets, a new study says. [Well + Good]

• Cyclists, rejoice! A car-protected bike lane is slated for a chunk of Chestnut Street. [PlanPhilly]

Nike is really winning in the inclusivity lane right now: Last week, they announced a new plus-size line of fitness apparel, and now there’s news that they will be debuting a Pro Hijab designed for female Muslim athletes in 2018. [Hypebae]

• Need some midweek workout motivation? These six reasons women should lift weights (many of which are more mental than physical, really) should help. [Warhorse Barbell Club]

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