The Checkup: How to Order Thai Takeout Like a Nutrition Pro 

• We don’t know about you, but around these parts, we like to think of Thursdays as a treat yo’self kind of day. And you know what that means? Takeout for dinner. Here, eight registered dietitians spill on what they order when they order Thai takeout. (And no, pad Thai is not off limits.) [Self]

• These are all the people — yes, including the sample hoarder — you’ll meet at Trader Joe’s. (Chances are, you fit the mold for one of them.) [Thrillist]

• Listen up, hotels! The newest way to get millennials in the door is by rolling out the red … yoga mat? Yep! [New York Times]

• The dreaded Philly race hill: You know it. You hate it. Here, a Philly runner dishes on how she learned to finally conquer it. [Runner’s World]

• Sushi doughnuts are now a thing. And despite what one might think, they actually look delicious. [Washington Post]

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