What You Should Be Doing in the Shower (But Aren’t)

Philly skin-care pros spill their tips to get the most out of your shower time.

Out of pure necessity, showering might be the most consistent beauty regimen anyone follows. I mean, you can get away without doing an exfoliating mask on the regular, but there’s only so long you can go without showering before you start to see (er, smell) the negative consequences. That being said, while showering is already probably (hopefully) a solid part of your routine, that doesn’t mean your routine can’t be improved upon.

We tend to fall into patterns of showering without even thinking about them. Think: always rinsing conditioner out at the tail-end of a shower, which can lead to bacne (nooooo!), or showering every single day, which can lead to dry skin (no, thank you). Routine is tough to break, but there are actually some really amazing tweaks you can make to get more out of your showers. Take note of these recommendations from Philly skin-care experts, and start getting more out of your shower time. 

Elevated Shower Tip: Turn your rinse into a DIY aromatherapy session.
According to: Selena Starboard of Fabriq Spa

Who couldn’t benefit from a little ohm time in the shower? Try making some essential-oil-infused ice cubes, and popping a few onto the shower floor before you step in. The hot shower water steams when it hits the ice cubes, releasing a burst of essential oils into the air. Starboard recommends a lemongrass, grapefruit and peppermint combo for an uplifting morning shower, or a mixture of lavender, frankincense and chamomile for a relaxing evening rinse. (Just make sure not to take this soothing hot shower right before bed to up your chances at awesome sleep.)

Elevated Shower Tip: Keep a dry brush handy.
According to: Monique Fleck of Fabriq Spa

Running a brush over your body in the shower before turning on the water can not only majorly exfoliate, but it can also boost circulation, helping your body to more efficiently eliminate toxins. But reader, be warned: some folks credit dry brushing with giving them a major energy boost, so don’t do this if you’re showering before bed. That said, if you’re a morning-shower devotee, it could be just the kick-start you need.

Elevated Shower Tip: Use your face wash, well, pretty much everywhere.
According to: Becky Fenlin of About Face Skincare

Skincare 101: The longer a product is on your skin, the longer it has to accomplish its intended job. That’s why on particularly congested skin days, Fenlin applies her Porification face wash not just to her face, but also her décolletage, shoulders, upper arms and legs, replacing regular shaving cream with skin-cleansing goodness. The face wash sits on her skin while she goes about shaving, giving the product extra time to seep into her skin and clear out any pore-clogging gunk. For the ingrown-hair prone, face washes like Fenlin’s that contain glycolic and salicylic acids help to clear out the skin and prevent future ingrown hairs and bumps.

Elevated Shower Tip: Add some shower power to your mask treatments.
According to: Arin Kahan of About Face Skincare

Apply your favorite messy mask before hopping in the shower. Kahan swears by the instant detox powers of the SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque, but removing the hardened clay can get messy. Instead of destroying your counter and hand towels with the wash-off process, she lets the shower do the dirty work.

Elevated Shower Tip: Exfoliate your body on the regular for that glow-from-within look all over.
According to: Jennifer Miller of 3000BC Spa

The best way to slough off winter dullness and get your body ready for warmer weather is exfoliation from head to toe. (Well, technically, from the neck down.) Removing dead skin cells brings radiant, moisture-ready skin to the surface — just be sure to moisturize after. Miller suggest’s 3000BC’s Saqqara Body Polish, chock full of aloe vera, sea algae, bamboo and walnut shell powder.

Elevated Shower Tip: Leave your favorite face mask in the shower.
According to: Yours truly

I’m obsessed with the Ole Henriksen Polishing Sugar Mask for how fresh it leaves my skin looking and feeling. In the winter, I like to up my exfoliation to three to four times per week, but I kept forgetting about this jar of citrus-y goodness in my medicine cabinet. I started leaving it in my shower as a reminder to myself, and I now slather it on my face before stepping out of the shower every other day. Not only do I remember to mask more, but the pore-opening shower steam really lets the product sink into my skin and work even better.

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