Run215 Challenges Everyone to Run 1 Mile Every Single Day in February 

Last year, over 500 Philly runners participated in the month-long challenge.

We’ve been blessed (or cursed, because, uh, climate change) with a pretty mild winter, which is sure to make this year’s #RunStreakPHL, Run215’s annual challenge to get folks moving for one mile every day of February, a little less emotionally taxing than last year’s.

The challenge — free to join in on — is simple: Run (or run/walk — whatever gets you to the finish line) at least one mile every damn day between February 1st and February 28th. For accountability’s sake, you’ll put your name into this here Google Sheets document and log your daily miles there, then you’ll document your runs daily with an Instagram photo paired with the hashtags #RunStreakPHL, RUN215 and #MyPhillyRun.

Unlike the City Fit Girls workout streak, #RunStreakPHL isn’t the kind where it’s cool to take days off: In order to complete the month-long challenge, you’ve got to do all of the above every. Single. Day. The payoff? Well, your couch will probably thank you for the much-needed break, plus, like last year, there will be a big shindig following the streak to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and finishers will get a certificate to tape on the fridge. (Mom would be so proud.) Run215’s Jon Lyons tells us there may also be a few additional challenges thrown in throughout the month to keep folks goin’. And I know you runners are driven by finishers prizes, so to answer your question, yes: There will be prizes awarded at the commencement party.

Last year, over 500 Philly runners participated and 277 of you ran every day (go, you guys!), collectively logging over 30,000 miles. Impressive, right? Soooooooo, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dust off your running shoes!

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