Our Next (Free!) Secret Pop-Up Fitness Event Is Coming Up 

And you’re going to want in on it. 

Candlelight sunrise yoga at Lululemon | Photo by Susan Nam

Candlelight sunrise yoga at Lululemon | Photo by Susan Nam

We’re going to go ahead and tell you a secret: Our next Be Well Philly Underground secret pop-up fitness event is right around the corner. We’re not going to spill all the juicy details, but do know this: It involves Drake music and drinks. And a sweaty workout, of course.

If you’re wondering WTF Be Well Philly Underground is (where have you been?!), here’s the deal: Every month, we host secret pop-up fitness events. The events are free to join in on, you just have to be a member of Be Well Philly Underground to know about them. Events have ranged from early-morning donuts runs to rooftop yoga to outdoor Spin, and the one thing they all have in common is that they’re all a freakin’ blast.

Sad you’ve been missing out? Thought so. But no need to pout: You can sign up here, and the alert for our next event will pop up into your inbox verrry soon. Then, if you want in, you’ll want to sign up, stat — Underground events usually fill up within a few minutes.

So go ahead and keep and eye on your email and we’ll see you soon!

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