Win-Win: Get Ugly (But Delicious) Produce Delivered to Your Door, Help Stomp Out Hunger in Philly 

Sure, an oddly shaped carrot might not look so great in your Instagram story as you prepare the Nigella Lawson recipe you found on Pinterest, but once it’s chopped up and thrown into a stew, who really knows the difference, right? Right. Still, despite this truth, ugly produce is hard to sell — so a lot of it gets thrown out. That’s where Hungry Harvest, saviors of rejected ugly produce, come in: They rescue the ugly produce that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill, contributing to America’s giant food-waste problem, and deliver it in weekly or bi-weekly boxes every Sunday to folks who don’t care about a slightly imperfect peach, plum or potato, similar to a CSA box. Lovely, right?

We first told you guys about the Maryland-based company which came to Philly at the beginning of this year after having some success on the show Shark Tank, back in January. From then through last week, they were in their beta stage in Philly, trying to figure out what exactly worked, limiting their delivery zone primarily to the city Philadelphia. But now, that’s all changed. Hungry Harvest officially launched in Philly last week (a round of applause is in order, don’t you say?), and with their official launch comes an expanded delivery zone that includes the suburbs and parts of South Jersey along with an awesome partnership with Philabundance that turns your love for ugly fruits and veggies into fuel for a hunger-fighting machine here in Philly. #Winning.

Part of Hungry Harvest’s mission is to reduce food waste and reduce hunger, and until now, your Hungry Harvest deliveries were fighting hunger, but not in Philly. (Until their official Philly launch, Hungry Harvest was donating produce for Philly deliveries in Maryland.) But now, for every delivery Hungry Harvest makes in Philly, they’ll donate one to two pounds of produce to Philabundance, which feeds roughly 90,000 people in the Philly area each week. And for the month of November, that donation is doubled. So, your weekly produce delivery counts as your good deed for the week. I repeat: #Winning.

So, what exactly can you expect in your weekly delivery? Well, the delivery options range from a $15 Mini Recovered Harvest (feeds one to two) to a $55 Super Organic Harvest (feeds three to five). And don’t expect totally deformed everything — oftentimes, they tell us, you wouldn’t even know the produce was considered imperfect by retailers’ standards. (One of our Philly Mag staffers shared a photo of his Hungry Harvest delivery here and it all looks darn delicious, if a bit less pretty than what you’d find at Whole Foods.) With each delivery, you can also opt for add-ons, like coffee, granola, pesto and more. The folks at Hungry Harvest tell us, now that they’ve officially launched in Philly, they’re also looking to add more Philly-made products to their add-ons offerings.

You can find out more about Hungry Harvest (including whether or not you’re in their delivery zone) here. Oh! And for now, the code LAUNCH will get you $5 off your first order of $20 or more. Need I repeat Charlie Sheen’s most infamous phrase ever again?

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