The Checkup: It’s Perfectly Fine to Never Wash Your Coffee Mug (Really!)

And more healthy reads to start your week with a buzz.

• In today’s assurances that may seem questionable: It’s totally fine to never wash your office coffee mug (because you know you haven’t, like, ever), an infectious disease expert says, as long as you’re not sharing the mug with anyone or leaving cream and sugar in it for days on end. Because the disgusting truth is, your germy mug is probably way cleaner than the communal office sponge. [Science of Us]

• The brain behind New York-based Megaformer studio SLT says refusing to team up with ClassPass is the business decision she’s most proud of. Ouch. [Well + Good]

• Runners, take note: These are the best foods and food combos for post-run recovery. [Outside]

Tofurky: A don’t at the Thanksgiving dinner table? [New York Times]

• One thing just about everyone if afraid of? Aging. But a new study finds that eating green veggies may help reduce some of the side effects that come with being on earth for a while. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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