Stop Everything: There’s a Pizza Mile Run in West Philly Tomorrow

The event — where you run a mile, eating pizza throughout — is being held to support West Philly's Pasqually's, which was burglarized this past weekend.

Photo credit: Kyle Cassidy

Photo credit: Kyle Cassidy

Cancel your plans for tomorrow evening: Your new plans involve eating pizza and running (and possibly puking), all for a good cause. Why’s that, you ask? Because the folks from West Philly Runners are putting on a pizza mile in West Philly tomorrow. Yep: That’s like a beer mile — but with pizza.

The Go the Extra Pizza Mile for Pasqually’s, which will take runners (and walkers — because running in between pizza slices isn’t for everyone) around the block where Pasqually’s Pasta and Pizza in West Philly sits, is being held in an effort to support the shop, a popular West Philly Runners post-run hangout, after it was burglarized this past weekend.

For the pizza mile, which is really more like .9 miles (lucky you!), runners will eat a slice of Pasqually’s pizza, run a hilly .3 miles around the block, eat a slice of pizza, run the lap again, then — you guessed it! — eat a slice, and run the lap. The idea is to get runners and cheerers out to Pasqually’s to support the shop. As West Philly Runners founder Alon Abramson says, “We want the gang at Pasqually’s to know that we value what they do in our community. We want them to feel welcome here and appreciated.” The cost to join in is $5.

The pizza mile will be going down tomorrow, Wednesday, October 5th at 200 South 43rd Street at 7 p.m. You can find out more and RSVP here. May the force be with you!

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