Photos: Be Well Philly Underground Is Back From Summer Break!

See photos from our very first bright-and-early event of the season below.

Be Well Philly Underground #IWokeUpLikeThis Morning Workout Party | Photo by Susan Nam

Be Well Philly Underground #IWokeUpLikeThis Morning Workout Party | Photo by Susan Nam

When I was six, I asked my godfather, “Why do weather forecasters get to keep their jobs? They’re always wrong.” I know this because he tells me the story at least once a year. He thinks it’s hilarious that a six-year-old child would have firing bad hires on the brain. But the question remains: Why, OH WHY, is the weather forecast always wrong?

Yesterday marked the day for our very first Be Well Philly Underground pop-up fitness event of the season. The forecast: Torrential downpours. The workout, an #IWokeUpLikeThis morning workout party in collaboration with Philly’s branch of the grassroots fitness group the November Project, was to start at the Art Museum at 6:25 a.m., rain or shine. Naturally, many a person looked at the forecast Monday night, saw “rain on rain on rain” and said “Nope.”

I was 100 percent sure no one would show up.

But guess what?! A good chunk of you lovely humans out there did show up at the Art Museum steps bright and early to get your sweat on (rain or shine) — and, per usual, the weather forecasters were wrong. It didn’t even rain! We had an awesome, bounce-filled, hug-filled workout — proof in the form of smiley, sweaty photos, below. A BIG thank you to our friends at the November Project for helping us get our sweat on and a round of applause for everyone who made it out of bed before sunrise, despite the chance you miiiight get back home soaking wet. If you want in on the next secret pop-up Underground event, make sure to sign up here (it’s free!). We’ve got some sweet stuff in the works for you guys this year!  

All photos by Susan Nam 

See? People did show up! (Good job, people!)

See? People DID show up! Good job, you devoted humans, you.

To get things going, we did the November Project’s signature bounce huddle. This is exactly what it sounds like: It involves bouncing and shouting profanities. It’s probably how everyone should wake up every single day.

Then we ran stairs.

We ran LOTS of stairs.

We ran SO many stairs, that by the time we finished running stairs, the sun had risen. (So yeah, we also got to be around for that, which was prettttty sweet.)

Oh! And when we weren’t running stairs, we did partner push-ups.

And a killer little move call hoisties. (That’s a more fun name for deep-squat jumps with a partner.)

And eventually, we stopped running stairs and doing hoisties and push-ups and posed for this very serious group photo.

And then folks grabbed their complimentary coffee mugs from Verizon and rolled on home, already having accomplished oh so much in their day before 8 a.m. Awesome job, guys!

If you made it to our Underground workout with November Project and had a great time, know that they meet at 6:25 a.m. on Wednesdays at the Art Museum and 6:25 on Fridays at Lemon Hill, and you, my friend, are always invited. See you next time, Undergrounders!

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