Be Well Workout of the Week: Get Ripped With a Medicine Ball in 24 Minutes Flat

All you need for this week's workout is a medicine ball 24 minutes.

All you need for this workout is a medicine ball. You know, the one that looks like a basketball but is deceivingly heavy. Most gyms should have a rack of medicine balls available, so choose a weight that is challenging but doable for a variety of exercises.

Here’s how the workout’s going to go: You are going to have four rounds of exercises, with each round lasting for six minutes. Each round will consist of a circuit of four exercises that you will complete as many times as you can in those six minutes. Got it? Okay, get to sweating!

The Be Well Workout of the Week: How to Get Ripped With a Medicine Ball

Do each round for 6 minutes. 
Round 1

10 medicine ball slams
10 lunges with twist, holding medicine ball
10 sit-ups holding medicine ball at chest
10 push-ups with medicine ball roll

Round 2
12 squat jumps with medicine ball
12 ab twists
12 alternating medicine ball slams
25 mountain climbers with hands on medicine ball (do 25 on each side)

Round 3
10 lunge jumps holding ball overhead
12 twisting knee-drives with hands on ball
14 ball jumps (Jump up and over the medicine ball with both feet, being careful not to land on the ball.)
16 toe-touch abs holding medicine ball

Round 4
10 lateral lunges with ball reach
8 straight-leg sit-ups with medicine ball
6 squat thrust with push-up on medicine ball
50 toe taps on medicine ball

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