The Very Convincing Argument for Changing Your Sleep Position, Stat

Time to flip over, friends.

If you, like me, always find yourself waking up to the ring of your alarm while lying on your stomach with your face smashed into your pillow, take note: In a new video posted by the folks over at Huffington Post, featuring the author of “Sleep Smarter,” Shawn Stevenson, the stomach sleeping position gets called out for, essentially, being the problem child of the three primary sleeping positions.

As Stevenson points out in the video, while sleeping on your stomach can help out snorers and those with sleep apnea, it can also throw your spine alignment out of whack, resulting in neck problems, more so than sleeping on your back — considered the best for your spine — or on your side, which is apparently great for digestive health and for those who already have back pain. Plus, smashing your face into your pillow screws with your skin in a number of ways: I’m talking unwanted wrinkles and acne. Nooooooo. After all, if you fall asleep on your back with hair wet from the shower, then turn over onto your stomach mid-way through the night, you’re basically rubbing your face into hair product, along with built-up sweat and dirt.

Yeah. No, thank you.

Apparently, in order to avoid pillowcase-induced acne, you’re actually supposed to change your pillowcase every — wait for it — two to three days (!!). Who else has, well, never once done this? Insert face into palm now. (Er, well, actually don’t — for your skin’s sake.) But really, it seems the best way to avoid the pitfalls of sleeping on your stomach would be to flip over. I wish you luck, fellow stomach sleepers!

You can check out the full video below.

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