My Top Five: Best Spots to Run to in the Wissahickon

Chasing Trail's Wesley Celestino clues us in.

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Taking on the trails of the Wissahickon is an easy way to upgrade your boring running routine: There’s the freshest of air, natural obstacles, and the soundtrack of nature humming away while you run. But if you still aren’t convinced, here’s some more incentive: The Wissahickon offers lots of cool spots to discover while you get your run in.

We asked Wesley Celestino, the one of the brains behind local running group Chasing Trail — they run the Wissahickon every Sunday morning — to clue us into his favorite spots to run to in the Wissahickon (Note: some of them easily double as resting spots. #Winning). Read up, say goodbye to your boring running routine and get exploring!

Livezey Rock

“Livezey Rock is this large boulder off of the trail in the Wissahickon. On nice days you will probably run into people rock climbing all over it. As a runner and climber it is cool to know that there is this little hidden gem in the Wissahickon. I am able to fuse two of my pastimes in one outing,” Celestino says. You can find it around here.

Members of Chasing Trails running club climbing Livezey Rock.

Members of Chasing Trail limbing Livezey Rock | Photo courtesy Wesley Celestino

The Tree House

“The Tree House is at the end of the park near Northwestern Road. It’s cool because it has an aquarium and other exhibits, like a toad pond,” Celestino says. “They also have events and classes for both adults and kids and a great fire pit. It’s called The Tree House because a huge tree used to grow out of its porch. A slice of it is actually on exhibit inside.” You can find it here. (Note: It’s also called the Wissahickon Environmental Center.) 

The Tree House being painted.

The Tree House | Photo courtesy Wesley Celestino

The Fingerspan Bridge

“The Fingerspan Bridge is a metal bridge built in 1987. It is called The Fingerspan because if you look from above it looks like a finger with a knuckle and a fingernail,” Celestino says. “It is such a unique feature of the park. The best part is you can see through the bottom of it and observe the 40-foot drop.” You can find it here.


Fingerspan Bridge | Photo courtesy Wesley Celestino

Hermit’s Cave

“Hermit’s Cave is actually not a cave but an old part of a house. I actually don’t know much about it but the huge stone slab next to it has all the important details and part of what makes it cool is the mystery of the place,” Celestino says. You can find it here.

Members of Chasing Trails running group outside Hermit's Cave.

Hermit’s Cave | Photo courtesy Wesley Celestino

Valley Green Inn 

“You can’t go to the Wiss and not visit it the Valley Green Inn. The Inn is the epicenter of Wissahickon Valley Park. It has the restaurant and snack bar, if you are ever in the mood for a drink or food while exploring,” Celestino says. “Another bonus is its public bathrooms which are great for runners, hikers and bikers. There is also lots of parking and easy access to all the trails which makes it a great meeting point for a group heading out in the park.” You can find it here.

The Chasing Trail running group meeting at meeting at Valley Green Inn. | Photo Courtesy of Wesley Celestino

Chasing Trail outside of Valley Green Inn | Photo courtesy Wesley Celestino

The Spot

“My bonus place to run to in the Wissahickon is called ‘The Spot.’ It’s cool because it is this truly hidden gem in the Wiss. It took me half a summer to find it! I can’t even tell you how many times I ran past it without even knowing,” Celestino says. “It is actually this amazing two-level terrace built into the side of a hill. It has stairwells, fire pits, a long bench and even a chair for you to relax in. I will keep its location secret because it’s more fun that way. Creshiem Creek is a hint. Happy Hunting!”

Wesley Celestino standing at "The Spot."

The Spot | Photo courtesy Wesley Celestino

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