The Checkup: MLK Drive Is Getting a Serious Trail Upgrade 

And more headlines that caught our eye this morning.

• Just last week, I was biking along the trail that runs along MLK Drive when I realized just how many bumps and grooves are speckled throughout, many of which could easily send a cyclist flying or trip up a runner. Good news, though: According to the folks over at PlanPhilly, a $500,000 grant — which will be matched by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation — was just approved to fix up four miles of the MLK Drive Trail. Can we get an amen? [PlanPhilly]

• Here, what one yogi learned about her practice from Fight Club. Yes: The movie Fight Club. [Yoga International]

• Here, the scientific reason why some people, no matter how many alarms they set, simply can NOT wake up early. Ever. [Vox]

Dormant butt syndrome is a real term coined by a physical therapist — and if you sit at a desk all day, there’s a good chance you have it. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• This is what it looks like when Lena Dunhman tries to meditate. (If you’re anything like us, your form of the practice might not be all that different.) [Well + Good]

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