The Checkup: 15 Foods to Help You Poop, Ranked From Best to Worst 

And more healthy reads to, ahem, get your day going.

Poop is trending. Everyone does it, and everyone is talking about it, including us gals here at Be Well Philly — and apparently the editors over at New York magazine, too. They just published a very lengthy guide that dishes on just about everything you could ever need to know about poop, including this handy list of 15 foods that will help get things moving, ranging from best (the obvious: navy beans) to the worst (Chipotle during an E. Coli outbreak). [Science of Us]

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• A reason to put down the brie: According to the founder of the Digestive Center for Women in Maryland, as much as 70 percent of the world is lactose intolerant. Say whaaaat? [Refinery29]

• To answer email after work or not to answer email after work? That, my friends, is the question. [Fast Company]

• Today’s news that will make you freak out about your skin: Turns out, washing your face with tap water could be doing all sorts of damage to your face. (Can a girl get a break?) [Women’s Health]

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